Triple OT

     The Hawks lead the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals 1-0. But what a ‘one’ it was. The way emotions during the game waxed and waned there seems to be a genuine dislike between these two juggernauts. As much as that may be so, both teams exhibit signs of a grudging respect for each other. When you toss in the more tangible aspects of the great game, stunning offence, solid defence and amazing goaltending, I remain unchanged, this may very well prove to be one of the greatest Series for The Cup we have had the pleasure to witness.

     My cupboards are stocked and my favorite beverage is chilling in the fridge.

     Game two should be every bit as entertaining. Lets take Patrice Bergeron tipping one in shortly after the FIRST overtime begins. Sending the teams to Boston knotted at one.

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