In the bag…

  It is mind-boggling, technology advances at the speed of most external flashes. The industry leaders continue to develop new little boxes to hold our chosen images, which we commonly refer to as cameras, and many accessories to accompany them. They promote all the advantages these extras provide. A brighter flash, more mega pixels, points of focus, lighter tripods and bigger bags to carry it all in. Now that you have all your gear stored. And have finished stretching before toting your very expensive and heavy equipment out to find a worthy subject. A commercial slaps you in the smiling face and you realize your shiny new purchases are near obsolete.

So, if you happen to be a successful photographer, other-wise well employed or have quite wealthy parents who pander to your every dream, you run to the nearest store to make your next marvelous purchase. I, unfortunately, and most of those with whom I am acquainted, fall somewhere outside the fore-mentioned groups. We are left to languish as new generations of photography equipment are offered to the more financially capable.

To those mired in the financial bog of todays economy, I offer you this. Take a moment, close your eyes and drift back through the years. Remember the day you held your first camera. Your heart raced, even if just a little. And your dreams of becoming a famous photographer were born. Regardless of the quality of that beautiful camera your aspirations were every bit as legitamate as the owner of more professional wares. And your first set of prints brought you genuine joy. So don’t worry over those new boxes with their more numerous bells and whistles. That camera in your hands at this moment is limited only by the scope of your imagination. Be content with it, enjoy it, and it will provide you years of fond memories.


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