2013 Stanley Cup Finals

This may reveal itself to be one of the greatest contested Series in the history of the quest for hockeys Holy Grail. Look for the Hawks to take game one by a couple. Games two and three will be decided in overtime with the visiting teams winning. The Bruins on the shoulders of Lucic, and the reach of Chara will cruise to tie the series at two. Games five and six will be hard hitting affairs with tempers flaring. Game seven…flip a coin, enjoy the show.
Oh…my pick, watch the Hawks to establish the pace with their gun and run style. Crisp passing should keep the tiring Bruins off balance. And despite the heroics of Rask (you may have to consider him as Series MVP) The Hawks by two, the last goal of the season being into an empty net. If this pans out accuratly perhaps I have a future in sports broadcasting. Peace

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