Thrilling, Leafs Rebuild!

Thrilling, Leafs Rebuild!

Oct 4, 2015

Well the off season is over and the pre-season is almost there as well. In the earliest stages of a complete overhaul, or rebuild if you prefer, the organization has in place what appears to be a competent front office and coaching staff.

The Maple Leafs have trimmed away a bit of the excess, and have added a few very young hopefuls. Personally I would have liked to have seen a bit more trimming. And as far as the draft went I’m pleased enough.

Now for the regular season. We’re in the first stages of a rebuild and I hear it echoed ‘ohhh my God this is gonna suck’, ‘no point on even turnin’ on th’ TV’. Are you kidding me!? This is the most excited I’ve been about the Leafs in years. We have the opportunity to watch a refocused club whose ownership has finally decided to do it right. Hell, this should have been done years ago. Indeed, years and years ago. Leaf’s Nation, supporters, and casual viewers, be content, in fact, be very content. For what we are witnessing now is the writing of the first chapters of ‘The Toronto Maple Leafs- The next Dynasty Team of the NHL’.

There will be a number of you accuse me of living in a fairy tale. However, mark my words. this is a docu-drama, with the accent on drama. And when it is said and done, I’ll be quite pleased to shoulder my way through the happily overburdened bandwagon and proclaim quite loudly “I told you so!”. My prediction, 5 times The Buds will hoist the Holy Grail of hockey in 7 finals appearances, and have a run of 12 consecutive trips to the playoffs over the next 15 years. WHAT? What comes after that? How the hell should I know I’m not a fortune teller, just a Leafs faithful.

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