J. Trudeau’s Hamilton Rally 2015

J. Trudeau’s Hamilton Rally 2015

Sep 13, 2015

The momentum swing was subtle but came almost immediately after the first leaders’ debate. Since then the Liberal Party of Canada has slowly built upon that night. A Red Tide is rising. And as it surges across Canada millions herald Justin’s rise in the polls as the birth of Trudeau-mania II.

Last night all I could talk about was today’s Hamilton Rally where Justin would be joined by a former prime minister on stage. Jean Chretien was always a great speaker and has lost nothing. His voice was strong and his stage presence was undeniable. Mr. Chretien brought the two thousand plus in attendance to a boil upon his introduction of our leader and future Prime Minister.

JT spoke earnestly about the need of, not just change, but Real Change. From global climate change to national unity. Justin promised he would right floundering Canada. The faithful on hand responded with shouts of encouragement and endearment, and with loud and long applause.

By the end of the rally I was awash in Canadian pride and Trudeau-mania!

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