Leaders’ Debate…Ladies and Gentlemen we have a split decision

Leaders’ Debate…Ladies and Gentlemen we have a split decision

Aug 7, 2015

In the world of pugilists we learn early, often through our defeat, the dangers of underestimating an opponent. When a young fighter realizes he is being viewed as the underdog and their isn’t much expectation to do well, he will study longer, and train harder. The results may at times be remarkable.

In the days preceding last nights leaders’ debate, Stephen Harper’s spokesperson¬†Kory¬†Teneycke, in what may be called a Cassius Clay-like trashing of Justin Trudeau, suggested if the Liberal leader steps into the debating ‘ring’ “with his pants on” he will greatly exceed any expectations.

In the early rounds of the debate Justin came out fast, keeping the other leaders working hard to maintain composure and balance. Elizabeth May held her own. At times fact-fisted May provided interference drawing off the concerted efforts of Angry Tom Mulcair, the experienced NDP leader and heavy weight debater Harper’s attempts to knock down Trudeau. When the final bell rang, and the judging public weighed in the score card had left Harper tired and beaten. Another lesson not to underestimate a young fighter.

Justin didn’t just show up with his pants on, he showed up fully clothed, and proved very competent. Winning not only the first leaders’ debate but also the respect and approval of many Canadians.

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