Election Day Called!

Election Day Called!

Aug 3, 2015

So, as expected by most, Stephen Harper has called the 2015 general election sooner than later, making it the longest campaign in decades, and costing us millions of dollars more than usual. Canadians will be going to the polls October 19th. As I said, dropping the writ so early surprised few of us who are even remotely interested in Canadian politics. His strategy is simple. The Conservatives political ‘war chest’ is vastly deeper than the Liberals or the New Democratic Party’s. Harper’s plans to outspend the opposition leaving them near bankrupt in the final stages of the campaign.

We can expect the Harper government to unleash their usual slew of attack ads early. I am certain they will be hoping to bait the other parties into a tit-for-tat type campaign, However the relative new comer, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, has stated that he will keep to clean politics. I suppose he actually meant as clean as possible. I have been discovering lately politics is not for the faint of heart.

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