Canada’s Democracy, Under Siege.

Canada’s Democracy, Under Siege.

Jul 8, 2015

In a democracy two of our most precious and valuable rights are those of free speech, and the right to a free and unfettered vote. Under the reign of our current federal government these rights are being eroded. And now, as a yet to be called election looms, the Harper regime makes no attempt to mask their intentions. Such practice serves one purpose, Harper’s desire for control and power over Canadians.

Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has slapped a gag order on federal scientists ordering them not to speak to anyone, including the media, regarding their research and associated results. Assailing their right to speak openly has drawn the ire of the science community and their supporters, not just in Canada, but globally. Petitions and rallies demanding the lifting of this undemocratic ban have proven futile as Harper and his plutocratic pals simply ignore the outcry.

Even charities are not safe. In several cases where charitable organizations have expressed opinions contrary to the views of the Harper government, the evermore autocratic ruler of Canada has sent the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to audit them and to find some reason, any reason, to strip them of their entitlement to operate as a charity. In essence Harper wields a government branch as an instrument of fear to silence groups that may oppose him.

With a majority rule the CPC faced little opposition when they rammed through the (un)Fair Election Act. This bill’s greatest accomplishment was in making it more difficult to vote. The mere thought of problems arising on election day will in fact limit the voter turnout which is well known to favour Harper at the polls.

Ex-patriots didn’t escape the undemocratic practices of the conservatives either. New laws forced upon the million or so Canadians living outside our borders have severely reduced the number that will be allowed to cast ballots further shrinking the vote.

Imagine how much more harm will be done to our cherished rights if we permit Harper to wrangle his way back into power for another four years. You still have the right to free speech. You still have the right to vote. Both are not as certain as they once were. Exercise your rights. Make yourself heard. Vote in this years general election.

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