Current Canadian Voting System Isn’t Best Choice

I have managed to do a little research on a few different voting systems. However, my days are busy and time is often at a premium, hence, my research makes me only marginally educated in this field. To make a more informed decision before approaching your M.P. you should first seek out some extra information.

First past the post (FPTP), is our current voting system and is enjoyed by the Conservative Party. Personally it never seemed to be an accurate census of the vote. It makes possible a winner without a true majority being required.

The mixed-member proportional (MMP) system had me interested as it seems this format would represent the population much more fairly than F.P.T.P. Yet, despite not being sure what it is, there is something about it that nags at me. However it is likely something to do with my not fully comprehending the selection of the extra M.P.s, so all in all, an acceptable option to what we currently tolerate.

The preferential ballot system sounded at first, cumbersome. Rereading about it and studying an accompanying chart made me realize it wasn’t as unmanageable as I first thought. I read “A preferential ballot would require parties to reach across the political spectrum.” This may foster a better cooperation between parties resulting in a more efficient House of Commons. Not to mention it may have a damping effect on negative campaigning. As well as making it more sensible to promote the party’s individual platforms.

OK, each system favours a specific party to some degree. I prefer, trying to remain unbiased, the preferential balloting system. It will most likely require a majority government, other than the Conservatives, to change our current system. I believe the Liberals will win that majority. And I hope they replace FPTP with the preferential ballot system. Yet, perhaps with a little support from the NDP, seeing this system would benefit them somewhat as well, a strong minority government may be able to produce the necessary count to make it happen.

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