OMWord- Expatiate

Expatiate   v:   To talk or write at length     I have developed a tendancy expatiate when sending correspondence to my collegues


Ominous   adj:   foretelling evil; threatening     The lone figure cast in moon light was ominous in its slow approach

OMWord- Expiate

Expiate   v:   to give satisfaction for; atone     One must expiate for exhibiting poor judgement.

A wrathful Mother Nature

     Globally we have, over recent years, witnessed the brutality with which Mother Nature can strike. In just a span of seconds shockingly severe weather can erupt sending lives into chaos. And of course in the worst case scenarios, taking lives. Sadly our compatriots in Calgary are experiencing first hand the trauma associated with these...

OMWord- Dilapidated

Dilapidated   adj:   fallen into partial ruin or decay     The abandoned house had receded into dilapidation