OMWord- Expatiate

Expatiate   v:   To talk or write at length     I have developed a tendancy expatiate when sending correspondence to my collegues


Ominous   adj:   foretelling evil; threatening     The lone figure cast in moon light was ominous in its slow approach

OMWord- Expiate

Expiate   v:   to give satisfaction for; atone     One must expiate for exhibiting poor judgement.

OMWord- Dilapidated

Dilapidated   adj:   fallen into partial ruin or decay     The abandoned house had receded into dilapidation

OMWord- Ramify

Ramify   v:   to branch out     Through ramifying her business, the proprietor was able to generate greater income

OMWord- Caveat

Caveat   n:   warning     The dog baring its teeth was a caveat, ‘stay out’.