Current Canadian Voting System Isn’t Best Choice

I have managed to do a little research on a few different voting systems. However, my days are busy and time is often at a premium, hence, my research makes me only marginally educated in this field. To make a more informed decision before approaching your M.P. you should first seek out some extra information. First past the post (FPTP), is our current...

Schools Out?

I remember only two official snow days, both during the Blizzard of  ’77 which was dubbed by some journalists ‘White death’. I do recall several notices of schools being open to those who could make it. My sister and I ALWAYS made it. We would rather incur the wrath of the wind driven snows than that of my parents. It shocks me that a...

O.T.B. Marketing Retreat, Niagara-on-the-Lake 2013

 Small business owners attended this week long event hosted by Angela Brooks, owner of O.T.B. Marketing and Design. They convened to further their knowledge and understanding of marketing, to discuss business concerns, and to develop a twelve month business plan for 2014. While nestled comfortably at the Marrakech Mansion in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake,...

OMWord- Expatiate

Expatiate   v:   To talk or write at length     I have developed a tendancy expatiate when sending correspondence to my collegues


Ominous   adj:   foretelling evil; threatening     The lone figure cast in moon light was ominous in its slow approach